Parent Testimonials

“You have been a gift to our son and our family. Thanks for all you do to help us raise Grayson into a well-mannered, happy, smart little boy!!” – Andrea Watkins 2013




“You are one of our biggest blessings – finding such an amazing care provider (2nd parent) is the best gift ever!” – Melissa Anderson 2013

Nap Time


Sarah R. – 4/8/16 – Amy is amazing.  Our daughter has been going to Tommy’s Playhouse 4 days a week (10 hours a day) since she was 3 months old.  Amy has helped us raise our sweet baby, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about her.  I appreciate all the educational, artistic, and physical activities she plans for the kids everyday.  And I really appreciate that she doesn’t just sit the kids in front of a TV all day (in the 15 months that my daughter has been going the kids have watched 1 or 2 movies total, that’s it).   My daughter has learned so much from Amy and from the other kids there, everyday when I pick her up she is saying or doing something new.  I highly recommend Tommy’s Playhouse!


Kelly H. – 4/16/16 – Both of my children were in Amy’s care since infancy. She is steady as a rock, fair but fun and accommodating when she can be. I feel Amy prepared my children extremely well for preschool and beyond. Because of her excellent mentoring and childcare I have maintained a wonderful relationship with Amy and her son to this day.


Brianna W. 4/11/16 – We’ve been taking our little boy to Tommy’s Playhouse since July 2014 and we are lucky she had an opening when she did! As new parents at the time we didn’t feel comfortable with several places we visited but we both felt great after visiting Amy’s home. She was patient with our stubborn newborn who didn’t like to sleep and has always been open and accommodating to our ideas, dietary preferences and needs. She focuses on educational activities and helping each child excel in a true organized, structured preschool environment. I appreciate how she helps reinforce manners, setting examples and takes an active and educated role in their development. We love the fun crafts our little one comes home with and he’s always so excited to go to, “Amy’s House!!!”


Elizabeth T. – 6/11/16 – Amy is wonderful!! When my son first started with Amy I knew I was lucky to find something so close to our house, but Amy’s care environment truly offers the full package. Amy’s home is perfectly organized, structured and inviting for kids. Whenever I step in her house, kids are always engaged in movement, art or play.  My son feels a genuine connection to Amy and the other kids. Even on vacation, he expressed how much he missed going. Additionally, Amy has fostered a great partnership with us as parents, and she consistently promotes good eating habits, positive behavior and potty training. Professionally speaking, Amy is very transparent and consistent in her communication. I really appreciate all Amy has done to accommodate and care for my son, and I look forward to my newborn joining the environment in a few months. I highly recommend Tommy’s Playhouse!


Kelsie M. – 4/6/16 – I was excited to hear about an opening here, and my husband and I set up a tour right away. Amy’s home is lovely and completely set up to be a place for children to thrive. Her living room doesn’t feel like a living room, it feels like a classroom. Everything is clean, organized and child friendly. Amy herself is very warm and our daughter took to her right away. She operates like a professional and has been very prompt in her responses. It’s clear that childcare is what she loves to do! We are very excited for our daughter to start here.